After 12 years of active swling i become amateur radio operator in october 2005. So it will be 10 years now. This time was almost exclusively devoted to DX chasing. I’m pleased with what i acheved in dxing. Bearing in mind my simple setup (verticals and wires) and long period of no sunspots / low sun activity i think i’ve done well. It is mostly because i’ve been using cw fo dxing. It is trivial reason for that – it is easier to work dx when you know cw. And for me it is easier to learn morse code then work DX with barefoot SSB. So if somebody tells you it is to hard to learn cw to work dx – be sure he is lying or at best he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Among a lot of good ops and guys who impressed or influenced me most i’d like to call up here my neighbour, great cw operator, dxer and patient elmer Tom, SP5GH. Also my uncle Adam SP5IOI, the first who show me amateur radio. And Mark ON4WW who wrote down a couple of good advices in his operating practices.

Now it is time for me to pay back what i got from amateur radio. I’d like to share my knowlage and passion with youngsters. I also would like to chill a bit and quit dxing for a while having a great time with protable operation, QRP and some other activities i suspend for various reasons.