The Elecraft journey continues

Elecraft K2

My jorney trough the world of Elecraft transceivers continoues. After a year or so with KX3 the chance to swap it for K2 appeared and I couldn’t resist. Mostly because K2 was the first of Elecraft radios I spotted in the past. I was impressed with its sound as well as simplicity followed by great performance of the receiver. On the other hand KX3 with plenty of options lacks this analog, direct-conversion-like sound. It started to be hard to stand for more than an hour or so. My ears were tired and I wanted something friendly and more gentle to listen to. I even took some experiment – with antenna unplugged i narrowed audio filter, switched audio APF filter and turned vol to zero. The constant gurgle-like sound apeared and that was the case! It was this strange addition to normal sound that annoyed me for long weeks. Read more

SPFF-713 again

Last weekend i returned to SPFF 713 to get some more QSO’s. Unfortunately there was poor condx for qrp as it was in the morning and propagation changed slowly to high angles. I got a lot of 559 and 539 reports and also heard some of OM’s were strugglin’ to receive my signal.
Despite poor conditions it was lovely morning with great weather so after i failed with gaining pileup i’ve decided to take a walk for some pictures.
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Short activity from small reserve – SPFF-716


We had polish hamvention in Burzenin Last weekend. It is probably largest hams meeting in SP with more than 400 participants. During some spare time I’ve decided to visit floral reserve nearby called Winnica. It is very small and charming place near to Warta river and contains floral posts simmilar to those in polish Jura (check out previous activities). It is because jurassic marl rock apears here on the surface and such flora (warm meadows specimens) likes such undersoil.

It is nice, quiet place lost among fields few hundred meters from Warta river who shaped its mild walley. It is almost 4km from Burzenin and I’ve decided to take a little walk with my backpack. It was pure pleasure with great weather this day.
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