First portable operation – SPFF-713


My first activity from Flora Fauna QTH is history now. Using Elecraft K1 qrp transceiver i managed to log tens of callsigns and had a lot of fun! Take a look at a place i’ve visited and a setup used there.

SPFF-0713 area known as Morysin reserve is placed in southern outskirts of Warsaw. I used to grow in this neighbourhood so i know this place well. It has interesting history. Founded as a park near Wilanow royal residence become abandoned and taken back by the nature shortly after second world war. There are some relics of XIX age buildings nad some old trees planted there as a part of a romantic park.
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Vibroplex Brass Racer

vibroplex brass racer

After a couple of years of using Bencher BY 2 chrome paddle I’ve decided to try something new. But because I’ve learned to use hard keys i was affraid of switching to something soft. I simply used to bang Bencher paddle in a way that delicate key wouldn’t stand for long. Some of my friends tried to show me how to use it properly but i couldn’t adjust it and as a result i made a lot of mistakes.
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