Elecraft K1 – short impression

Elecraft K1

Short impression after using Elecraft K1 for a couple of days. What a great receiver! That was astonishing how quiet this little rig is. After using noisy FT 1000 MP for last two years it was like a breathe of fresh air to hear week signals being readable just above a noise.

Two years ago i’ve decided to change the transceiver swaping old and trusty TS 830 for new and “better” Yaesu FT 1000 MP Mk V. Well, it was NOT better at all! Maybe more handy, with some quick action of changing bands but receiver is worse. By far! So i was curious what this little K1 is capable of and what a great surprise! It is so pleasant to hear, so cool, clear CW. I’ve realised i was missing that good CW sound for last two years of dealing with FT 1000 MP. I tried it for a while in EU HF contest and by surprise it was dealing with strong signals weel. Better than i expected for such a little rig.

When i look at this radio i can imagine two guys having a beer and on a clear sheet of paper they wrote down what little QRP rig should have. Very low current drain, good and quiet RX, internal ATU capable of tuning random wires on several bands, great internal keyer. They finished beer and just put it all into this wonderfull, small box. It is so amaizing that i’ve decided to move outside and become active as protable station.

Mine K1 got four bands (40,30,20 and 17 meters), internal ATU and batery pack and runs up to 7W output.

Stay tuned for some more comments on this one.

Tom sp5gh

Tom, SP5GH is playing with K1. He was surprised by this little radio. Tom is experienced cw op, licenced since 1956. I’m considering myself to be very lucky to have such a great elmer!