Having pile up with QRP


This time it was short one. Having not much time after work i’ve decided to visit Skarpa Ursynowska reserve in Warsaw. It was cloudy afternoon so there’s not much pictures. Especially i was bussy with nice pile up. I’ve logged over 70qso’s within an hour and a half.

Skarpa Ursynowska is part of ancient Wisla river bank. Slopy hill, up to 20 meters high is a border of ancient river valley. And for me is a good place to hang some wire and take advantage of it’s hight. This is a solitary place even though dens settlement around. I have to admit i haven’t been here often in last couple of years. But previously, in outumn like today i used to spot some woodcokcs here. Old trees and soppy meadows around are also good place for oriolus and cuckoos.

This time i used different antenna. It was kind of double zeppelin but not extended. 2 x 12mtr dipole fed with 450 ladder line and 9:1 transformer just outside my K1 transceiver. It works well – my signal exceeds 30dB S/N on some RBN’s. Not bad for 6W output!

It started to rain shortly after i went QRT. Log is updated. Thank’s for all QSOs and till next time!