Jurassic Highland – ham radio and climbing

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It is almost 20 years since i visited Polish Jura for the first time. It was my favourite climbing area since my first ascents. Outstanding beauty of this place atracted me all these years. I used another climbng trip as an opportunity to work a couple of qso’s and to show you guys how unique place it is.

Polish Jurassic highland is stretched between Czestochowa and Krakow cities. There are a lot of crags scattered here and there. You will find there a national park as well. But most of the time i’m visiting climbing areas of Podlesice and Podzamcze. In both of them you will find superb rocky monadnocks of white rock covered by unique flora. The biodiversity is astonishing here. It is mostly because of unique yet delicate microclimate.

It is great place for climbing but also for other activities. Mountain biking is popular here as well as trail running. You can simply walk around hour after hour and look at marvels of local nature. People are friendly and i just love to come back here.

Talking about ham radio – at august 22nd i visited Ruskie Gory reserve (SPFF-0185) near Ogrodzieniec Castle (you have to google that to see this fantastic castle!). We were bussy with climbing for whole day so i was able to work just a couple of qso’s. But on august 23rd we were all day at Gora Zborow Reserve and there i logged nearly 90qso’s. Not to bad as for QRP! The key to succes was antenna location. Zborow hill and it’s top is more than 120 meters above Podlesice village. There is magnificent sightseing place on the top and my dipole was stretched just on the peak. There was quite a pile up so thank you guys for calling! Great little radio – Elecraft K1 still going strong although this time it suffered from direct sunlight. When gets hot it tends to drift quite a bit so i had to correct my QRG a couple of times. When covered from strong sunlight drift is aceptable yet still noticable. But anyway it was great fun once again to operate this little rig.

Both activities – SPFF-0241 and SPFF-0185 are cleared with SPFF crew and counts for award chasers.

having good time with pile up
having good time with pile up