SPFF-427 – Wisla low as never before.


After a few weeks of hot summer drought i’ve decided to take a look at Wisla river. Meteo services reported water is low as never before so i choose to visit Wyspy Zawadowskie reserve – nice place with river as wide as 700mtr and a lot of sandy islands into river stream. This place is famous for it’s nesting birds species and even more of them migrating every year.

Today i spotted a lot of common sandpipers and white wagtails – both numerous here. Some trees got heavy marks made by local beavers. I heard some distant cookoes and hoopoes as well. Birds were not active as it was noon of hot, late summer sunday. Fields around has been already mown. Looks like this very hot summer is coming to an end.

This time i used 7,2 Ah gel battery. Small, easy to use and fits well into the same case i use to travel with Elecraft K1. But very efficient bearing in mind the curent drain of this radio is as low as 60mAh! With 7W output such a battery ensures a couple of hours of key down operation!

Unfortunately after one hour of operation some strong pulsation noise appeared. As far as i don’t have noise blanker installed in K1 – i did not expect it would be necessary in field operation – it was almost impossible to pick any station. This noise was strong on all four bands i have into K1. So i’ve decided to quit earlier today.

Will try next time, maybe after some rains to see how river changes. Logsearch at Clublog is now updated and log is on it’s way to SPFF award database.