Las Kabacki SPFF-506


Thanks to outstanding weather conditions – over 10°C and sunny day – i’ve decided to take a chance and go with my K1 once again this year. It was Las Kabacki park this time. Once again small sanctuary in Warsaw area. There was quite a crowd because of warm weather and sunshine so i went to the fields to stay away a bit.

Unfortunately i left my doublet antenna at home and brought only some wire about 15mtr of which i coupled with internal tuner as a longwire. I couldn’t put it up high enough so this time my qrp signal really suffered from poor antenna system. That makes this one even more “special” for all you guys out there who picked my cq out of noise.

I managed to work bit over 30 qso during an hour of operation. Nice to hear some of you again. By the way – some qsl request for previous activities arrived. Thanks! I’ll will reply via bureau in early 2016. Meanwhile online logsearch will help you to find out wheter you’re in log or not.

Looks like it was my last FF activity this year. I’m pleased with this new experience and surprised how many qso’s i’ve been able to do with K1. Almost 500qso’s from eight different SPFF sanctuaries gave me a lot of fun ad satisfaction. Hope you enjoyed it as well. Hope to hear you nex year!