First portable operation – SPFF-713


My first activity from Flora Fauna QTH is history now. Using Elecraft K1 qrp transceiver i managed to log tens of callsigns and had a lot of fun! Take a look at a place i’ve visited and a setup used there.

SPFF-0713 area known as Morysin reserve is placed in southern outskirts of Warsaw. I used to grow in this neighbourhood so i know this place well. It has interesting history. Founded as a park near Wilanow royal residence become abandoned and taken back by the nature shortly after second world war. There are some relics of XIX age buildings nad some old trees planted there as a part of a romantic park.

There was a gamekeeper in this area till the end of 80’s but since his retirement nobody accualy takes care about this forest. Old trees are dying there naturaly same like in Bialowieski National Park wilderness. It makes this place extraordinary and desirable for various species and unique in Warsaw area.

I remember visiting Morysin some ten years ago or even erlier as a birdwaching site. You can meet there all species of woodpecker present in masovia area including largest – black woodpecker and smallest – lesser spotted woodpecker. Green woodpecker is also present here. Morysin is surrounded by large pond and little river Wilanowka what makes it a good place for beautiful kingfisher. You can see it often sparkling in the sun over dark water. Today Morysin is still a solitary place within Warsaw area, left for it’s own but not sure for how long as buildings are pushing forward around.

Today i had a great company. During my bicycle run to this place i spotted smal weasel trying to get on the other side of the street. Hopfully she succeeded as there was no heavy traffic on sunday morning. Later i accidentaly startle young grass snake. I heard a number of various birds including long tailed tit, heron, common buzzard (is nesting there as well as towny owl), green woodpeckers.

I was excited about using QRP radio in the field for the first time. Since my 7 Ah battery has not arrived yet i used internal battery pack with 8 pieces AA 1,2V accu. I’ve lowered the power to 4W output to get more on air time. I used dipole antenna for 14 MHz with detachable ends for 7 MHz. I hung it as inverted V with appex at 6 meters. There was a small, abandoned garden plot where i found some table, chair and nice shadow during this sunny noon. Nice place for /p cw!

It was big surprised to see how good my setup performs at 7 MHz. I was able to log down nearly 60qso’s within an hour and a half – nod bad as for QRP. I checked reverse beacon and it looked like there was noticable difference in my signal strenght between 7 MHz and 14 MHz where i was strugglin’ for every single QSO. In fact my antenna was low down surrounded by trees so higher band performance could suffer for such enviroment.


I hope to get back to Morysin reserve as soon as i get proper battery for longer operation. As for now you can check my online log at logsearch page. This activity is now cleared with SPFF program and you can find it at

Stay tuned for more!