Czerniakowskie Lake SPFF-712


Jeziorko Czerniakowskie reserve is located in southern part of Warsaw. This is the place where i grew up so i like to come back there. After rainy saturday sunday started with sunshine so i’ve decided to take my K1 once again to work a couple of QSO’s protable.

Double Zeppelin antenna Another antenna was put up in the sky – Double Zeppelin antenna 2 x 15 mtr with some 15mtr of 450 Ohm ladder line. Fedpoint was some 8 meters high and dipole wires slopes down to some 2 meters. I used internak Elecraft K1 antenna tuner. I got external 9:1 transformer but ATU Once again RBNs returned with nice S/N on 40 meters.

My K1 still going strong. There was CQ WW RTTY contest today, just a couple of KC’s up from my CQ QRG. It was no need to turn on attenuator. On the other hand some YO station called me on 14MHz and it was pleasure to pull his signal out of the noise. In fact there was no noise at all. Signal was very weak but clear and after few calls i was ready to give him 319. It was honest RST but it was well readable. What a great, quiet RX this little radio have! Prooved it’s quality again!


Czerniakowskie lake is part of ancient Wisla river valley. During last 20 years water surface lowered some two meters. Lake became shallow and water vegetation expands.Lot of water birds is present here including my favourite little bittern, small and misterious heron like bird. I had nice company of pair of common kingfishers, some cormorants fly by and distant cranes also has been heard. It is also good place for fishing as it was zander farm here once.