The Elecraft journey continues

Elecraft K2

My jorney trough the world of Elecraft transceivers continoues. After a year or so with KX3 the chance to swap it for K2 appeared and I couldn’t resist. Mostly because K2 was the first of Elecraft radios I spotted in the past. I was impressed with its sound as well as simplicity followed by great performance of the receiver. On the other hand KX3 with plenty of options lacks this analog, direct-conversion-like sound. It started to be hard to stand for more than an hour or so. My ears were tired and I wanted something friendly and more gentle to listen to. I even took some experiment – with antenna unplugged i narrowed audio filter, switched audio APF filter and turned vol to zero. The constant gurgle-like sound apeared and that was the case! It was this strange addition to normal sound that annoyed me for long weeks. Read more