The Elecraft journey continues

Elecraft K2

My jorney trough the world of Elecraft transceivers continoues. After a year or so with KX3 the chance to swap it for K2 appeared and I couldn’t resist. Mostly because K2 was the first of Elecraft radios I spotted in the past. I was impressed with its sound as well as simplicity followed by great performance of the receiver. On the other hand KX3 with plenty of options lacks this analog, direct-conversion-like sound. It started to be hard to stand for more than an hour or so. My ears were tired and I wanted something friendly and more gentle to listen to. I even took some experiment – with antenna unplugged i narrowed audio filter, switched audio APF filter and turned vol to zero. The constant gurgle-like sound apeared and that was the case! It was this strange addition to normal sound that annoyed me for long weeks.

So when the chance appeared I swaped my KX3 for long time awaited K2. My friend, also Elecrafts enthusiast was aware of it but as he do not play with CW that was not the case and he looks pretty pleased with the swap we made.

Well, K2 certainly got some drawbacks comparing to KX3. It is not so versatile radio. It’s bigger, but I abandoned my WFF activities. It’s harder to interface with digi mode but i do not play with those anyway. The receiver is not so strong signal resistant. I does not cover 50MHz as well.

Elecraft K2 is simple radio focused on CW operations. All you need if you love CW and would like to play with it is there. It sounds great. Signal in your headphones is nice and smooth. All CW feautures are there already. Filters and audio passband is fine. CW pitch / center frequency tuning is bit tricky but it is a kit after all! So it is nice to know how you can adjust this and that in your own transceiver.

Mine covers all HF bands including 160 and 60 meters. In spare cabinet i got 100W atu and 100W amp making it nice little K2 line. Although that is not perfect SSB radio I have a lot of fun using it in couple of contests including QRP runs in CQ WW 160 and WPX SSB.