Three SPFF’s same day with Elecraft KX3

Last weekend of summer 2016 i took a bike ride outside Warsaw to visit four SPFF places on souther outskirts of the city. All of those places i know from the past – i used to ride a bike here back in 90s when as a teenager i tried my luck in cycling club. This time i came back here with radio to call a CQ from a couple of reserves located near to each other.

There are four reserves with different SPFF referal located around small town Konstancin Jeziorna some 15km south of Warsaw.  Most of them related to historic Wisla river natural embankment. Some 100 years ago river floods were common in springs so in some places water is still present even though the river is some 2 kilometers away.

Finally i managed to get to three out of four planed reserves. It was realy nice sunny day so i took some time to ride a bike. There is local private airfield and i spotted some strange activity there. It turns out to be a movie plan there with Hurricane planes goes around the field. That took me a lot of time i must admit, hi!

Anyway i took a microphone with me for the first time – i changed TRX from Elecraft K1 to KX3. I just wanted to give side band a chance once again. It was kind of fun and i hope you guys are pleased with new SPFF’s on phone as well. KX3 works nice with N1MM via USB. The shame is that you have to go to CAT command to work cw keying. There are some major flaws with CAT commands especially if you worked via RS previously. This rig is really all you need when going portable. Inbuild ATU goes as good as in K1. Receiver is great – you can read my first impressions regarding Elecraft KX3 here. It is powerfull little rig and gives you plenty of capabilities when in the field. If you have some 5 – 7 Ah battery, PC and a piece of wire you can play with it all day long and do digi modes, qrp, contest, rag chew or whatever you desire from 160 up to 6 meters!

Here is a summary :

SPFF-805, SPFF-810, SPF-1316  were activated on 40,30 and 20 meters. Total of 150+qso were made. You can check the online log as well as email me for bureau QSL card.

AGN, next spring probably.