Time for Elecraft KX3

elecraft kx3
Well, after more than a year of having great fun with little Elecraft K1 another little radio showed up. After searching for K2 model for a couple of months i gave up and decided to purchase used KX3. Here is very first impression after a couple of weeks of using it.

I was thinking of some rig that could somehow extend my capabilities of portable cw operation. K1 was excellent and yes it brought me the real trhill of being protable. But at the same time it was limited in many ways. I started to look for something new to push thins forward a bit.

What i needed was:

  • more bands!
  • good PC cooperation
  • casual side band and RTTY operation
  • reasonable power consumption

Elecraft KX3 does it all and much more. It’s receiver is very good. Although… yeah, it is SDR and one can recognize it in a blink of an eye. Personally i prefere the sound of direct conversion RX – just like K1 and K2. But at the same time KX3 is versatile and superior in DSP when you need it. I wish i could get good K2 with DSP – just to switch it when needed.

After firmware update this radio runs 15W output in CW mode and stays cool during ragchewing, casual contesting etc. In fact i already worked a couple of cotest on this one hooking up easely with N1MM. It was a pleasure to play with this great rig. My first protable operation with KX3 was 3 Flora Fauna areas in the row, working almost 200 qso both side band (finally!) and cw. My 7Ah battery last easly – it was little Nokia Booklet that runned out of power first. I choosed this netbook for it’s battery lasts some 8 hours. It is very cheap because of it’s poor cpu and 1GB ram only (fixed with no extension). At the same time it is really lightweight and cheep – excellent for /p activities.

Will give my KX3 some extended review after some more experiences and comaprisons. So far – so good!