Vibroplex Brass Racer

vibroplex brass racer

After a couple of years of using Bencher BY 2 chrome paddle I’ve decided to try something new. But because I’ve learned to use hard keys i was affraid of switching to something soft. I simply used to bang Bencher paddle in a way that delicate key wouldn’t stand for long. Some of my friends tried to show me how to use it properly but i couldn’t adjust it and as a result i made a lot of mistakes.

Recently one of my fellow ham put out classified ad about Vibroplex Brass Racer paddle. I remember i tried Vibroplex Iambic once and it felt like even harder for me than Bencher. But I’ve decided to take a try on it.

Suprisingly (well, i didn’t read Vibroplex website so that’s the reason for surprise) this one turned to be very smooth. There are no springs in it. Magnets are doing their job. This kind of tensioning makes it soft yet precise. You can adjust it by moving magnets in and out.

Mine got wooden base. I was affraid it will tend to move around the desk but it is heavy enough to stand still especially if you operate gently. In fact you can not do it other way as this padle is realy delicate. I’m pleased with my sending skill progress i made using this one. I can only regret to find it so late.

By the way – i’m curios if there is something simillar in use but more portable:)